Wednesday, November 25, 2009

“The Silver Room” – an exhibition of contemporary jewellery, 18th to 29th November 2009

Breathing Colours gallery is proud to present: “The Silver Room” an exciting collection of contemporary jewellery by seven of Sydney’s most talented emerging jewellers.

For their first exhibition together: Momoko Hatano, Elizabeth Reed, Erin Cuthbert
Philippa Thomas, Ben Pearce, Kasia Sujecki and Rhonda Dwyer have composed a unique, eclectic selection of jewellery.

Using mostly silver combined with a variety of less traditional materials. The resulting pieces are both interesting and elegant, individual and stylish. Each motivated by their own series of desires and inspirations, from a love of childhood and innocence to an interest in animal documentaries and kitsch aesthetics the resulting jewellery is equally diverse.

This group of artists have come together through a common love of making. Many of them work together in a shared studio while others are simply part of the strong and supportive contemporary jewellery community which flourishes in the galleries and studios around Sydney.

Gallery Hours: 10am-6pm Wednesday-Saturday
12pm-4pm Sunday

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Just In... New Beauties at Breathing Colours!

New Jewellery By Kyoko Hashimoto and Julia Storey
We're very excited with our new range of jewellery from two new artists!
Kyoko Hashimoto's latest series is a tribute to the often overlooked insect, inspired by Victorian mourning jewellery. Her limited edition pendants are bold, quirky and fun.
Julia Storey's ‘Bird and Cage’ pendant is hand made in sterling silver. The oval pendant features a bird on one side and cage on the other. When spun, bird appears in the cage.
Be sure to drop into Breathing Colours for a closer look at the full range: 446 Darling Street, Balmain

Connect 4 – 4th to 15th November 2009

Connect 4 – 4th to 15th November 2009
An exhibition of painting, drawing and photography by four fabulous local artists

Vladimir Pavlovic has been taking photographs for well over 3 decades and has worked in theatre, stills, magazine and archaeological photographic arenas. The 5 photos on show at Breathing Colours encapsulate a certain chronology accessing negatives that were taken almost 30 years ago as well as a sample of current directions which draws upon the manipulation of appropriated details and work that bypasses the use of a camera.

The reading of the facsimile of A Voyage to Terra Australis by Flinders published in 1814, urged Glenda Jones to reinterpret and thus revisit the book's etched prints which were based on Westall’s original, commissioned watercolours of the Australian coastline. The etchings have been photo-shopped, cropped and made lurid with oils on blackened canvas, to contemporise those images which were, in their original form, far more ordered and austere.

Barbara Schaffer’s current body of work has been inspired by a recent trip to Europe in which she was amazed and overwhelmed by the power and beauty of the religious art she discovered throughout churches and cathedrals on her travels. Working mainly with oil pastels on canvas, Schaffer feels this medium offers the possibility for working very directly and intuitively, the colours are rich and intense and the pastels allow for easy mixing and building up of texture.

If there is a dark side, Michael Sagan will detail it out. His small canvases pack an insidious punch with their tightly controlled palette and seemingly innocuous subject matter.
'Suburban madness is only a neighbour away'.