Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New instore: Lyn & Tony

I just cannot get enough of Lyn & Tony and their series of jewellery '2'!

Not only have we got a re-stock of the large neckpieces (with new colour combos), we have also got a couple of new designs...

Such as the 'mini-me' of the larger pieces, same design just smaller and to top them off, they have a lil'bitta bling with chunky gold-plated clasps.

If you're more a pendant person, check out this gorgeous leather and sliced agate neckpiece! When the stone catches the light, it comes to life! A semi-transperent array of purples... 

A bangle did make it into the store... A gorgeous lil' aqua leather 'n coral number... But alas, I snapped it up!

Be sure to come by and check them all out!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HECHO EN MEXICO by Verity Roberts

La Sirena, encaustic on paper

VERITY ROBERTS has just returned from San Miguel de Allende in Gto. Mexico.

It is here she created her current body of work and it is because it travels with her that it is small in scale.

This time the works are all encaustic either on paper, tin panels or museum board and in a tin frame handmade by Sr. Carlos Siqueira, a local tin craftsman.

Que Rico (How Delicious!),
 encaustic on panel
The inspiration was the daily life and streetscapes surrounding her on this year's journey. It will always continue to fascinate and be evocative of another world where magic happens for her on a daily basis.
The delicacy of her work is still there but this time so is the colour of Mexico. The bright colours and the subtle ochres which surround.

Road to Queretaro,
encaustic on board
Prior to the residency she attended the I.E.A.A. (International Encaustic Artist Association) 2012 Conference in San Antonio, Texas. There she met with the inspiring encaustic community and sold some work to Alaska, New York and Vancouver. She attended workshops – with Daniella Woolf and Laura Moriarty – both reknown contemporary encaustic artists.

Hecho en Mexico closes on the 17th of November, be sure to visit the exhibition and experience a little Mexican magic...

(Photos taken by Sarah Callister, www.sarahcallister.com.au)