Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New instore: Lyn & Tony

I just cannot get enough of Lyn & Tony and their series of jewellery '2'!

Not only have we got a re-stock of the large neckpieces (with new colour combos), we have also got a couple of new designs...

Such as the 'mini-me' of the larger pieces, same design just smaller and to top them off, they have a lil'bitta bling with chunky gold-plated clasps.

If you're more a pendant person, check out this gorgeous leather and sliced agate neckpiece! When the stone catches the light, it comes to life! A semi-transperent array of purples... 

A bangle did make it into the store... A gorgeous lil' aqua leather 'n coral number... But alas, I snapped it up!

Be sure to come by and check them all out!

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