Thursday, June 28, 2012

trip the light fantastic by Michele Morcos

Michele Morcos’ exhibition ‘trip the light fantastic’ opened with a bang here at Breathing Colours gallery - there was excitement in the air and an almost curious chaos, with viewers eager to explore every inch of every intricate landscape Morcos presented.

Rich with colour, bold lines and detailed geographical forms, each piece resonates a sense of movement, of life, a ‘humming’. Morcos describes the methodology behind her mixed media paintings and drawings:

“I do not use any photos or sketches to create my artworks. I use my intuition. It is about creating a visual language or relationship that pertains directly with me (the conduit) and the environment (the subject). An immediate and spontaneous reaction to the country that I find myself in, and the story it is telling me…. showing me. It is about a truth and an honesty that comes from an experience that is open and unfiltered through time or space.”

Be sure to stop by and explore ‘trip the light fantastic’ before its closing day, Saturday 7th July at 4pm.