Friday, August 27, 2010

Anita Jokovich: an exhibition of recent works, 24th August to September 2010

Anita Jokovich
Below 1- acrylic on canvas (40x40cm)

Anita Jokovich
Below 3 - Acrylic on canvas (40x40cm)

Anita Jokovich presents a series of dramatic paintings which
emanate raw emotion. She uses a layering technique to portray light and dark, and the culmination of mood, thought and experience.

Anita likens her work to the perpetual movement of the ocean. Like waves, each layer is unique in its own right – allowing her paintings to take on a life of their own.

Anita holds a Bachelor of Arts in Design from Curtin University, and currently works as an Art Director in Sydney. Her passion lies with all things creative, including photography and drawing, however it is painting which enables her to express herself most creatively.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EYES: a window to the soul, 10th to 21st August

This exhibition is a collaboration between seven artists: Vivienne Mewings, Jacky Lawes, Andrea Williams, Louise Smith, Lisa Lynton-Frost, Barbara Wade and Julianne Ross Allcorn. EYES: a window to the soul is on display at breathing colours gallery from Tue 10th to Sat 21st August (10am to 6pm Tue to Sat).

This project was initiated by a small group of artists inspired to pay respect to the work of classical masters. Focusing on small sections of familiar paintings, these artists have created their own studied details from each artwork. By closing in on the particular area of the eyes, the question is posed, whose eyes are we now looking through? The eyes of the artist? The eyes of the subject? Or simply our own eyes, those of the viewer?

Friday, August 6, 2010

'Travelling Lines' by Roxanne Lillis & Loren Keir, 20th July to 2nd August

Roxanne Lillis- The Old Quarter I
Oil & mixed media on canvas (45 x 45 cm)

Loren Keir - Linear Necklaces
Sterling Silver

Loren Keir - Oribiting Path 2
Oil on canvas (18 x 20 cm)

Travelling Lines
Roxanne Lillis & Loren Keir
20th July to 7th August

Roxanne Lillis’ lines relate to the continuous. “It’s really the moving dot. The brush comes off the artwork for a period of review, and returns to continue my form of communication. The subject matter or impetus was inspired by the infinite rows of buildings and entangled electrical wires in busy built up areas observed during recent travels.”

Loren Keir’s lines have developed their own lives. “Some are destined to go on forever, some end where they started, some diverge in different directions - travelling and exploring, whilst others orbit the same place, drawn to its familiarity. Some lines begin to blur into others combining to become one while other lines clearly contrast their surroundings or the lines next to them. Some use those around to define themselves while others stand alone making their own impact.”

Roxanne Lillis began her studies at the Julian Ashton Art School in 1993 and achieved her Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong in 1999. She has exhibited regularly around New South Wales throughout the last 15 years.

Loren Keir graduated with honours from the jewellery and object department of Sydney College of the Arts. She has exhibited widely in Sydney and New South Wales and is part of the artist collective Makers Manifold.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Defense D' Afficher. (Loi Du 29 Juillet 1881) A series of work by Richard Denny, 29th June to 17th July

Images clockwise from top Left: Lady travels by tram, Waiter,
Security Dove,
Spider All works: Acrylic and mixed media on Paper


Once whilst meandering through the streets of an unusually snow-
covered Marseille, Richard Denny discovered an abandoned box of maps.
Upon further examination it was an extensive collection, holding
topographic portrayals of most regions of France.

By deploying the found maps as an actual canvas, and a basis for his
characters, he has found a means of dripping flavours of personality
and territory over the maps. Using the lines of contour, river, border
and road, Denny would paint in his own lines, shapes and textures.

Later, from these cartographic cross-hatchings would emerge characters
representing people, daily experiences or settings, that Denny
acknowledged inhabiting the streets in his new home. He used what
little he had at hand to locate himself in his new culture showing
telltale signs of a bricoleur.

'Fleeting' by Rachel Wells & Dan Capper, 15th to 26th June

Rachel Wells - Cloud Street
Encaustic and Oils (20 x 25.5 cm)

Rachel Wells - Flux
Encaustic and Oil on Canvas (25.5 x 25.5 cm)

Dan Capper - Blad Birck
Acylic on canvas (71 x 111 cm)

Dan Capper - Pod Birpy 1
Acrylic on canvas (84 x 122 cm)

An exhibition of paintings by Dan Capper and Rachel Wells 15 - 26 June 2010

‘Art is long, and time is fleeting…’ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Fleeting is the exploration of embellished memories and the gravity of transitory moments.

Rachel Wells

Rachel’s pieces are inspired by childhood memories and the joy of discovery in a storybook landscape. Her mixed media and encaustic paintings exist nowhere tangible and are pieced together from memories of European, Australian and American towns.

Dan Capper

Dan Capper’s mono-prints and mixed media paintings capture a spontaneous imprint of a fleeting moment in time. He uses the bird as a metaphor for the shifts and flux in relationships.

'Wanderings' paintings by Kristen Lethem, Kirsten Hillard & Verity Roberts, 1st to 12th June

Kristen Lethem- Blue
acrylic, biro and ink on board (35 x 30 cm)

Kristen Lethem - Perisher III
acrylic, ink and pencil on board (71 x 66 cm)

Verity Roberts - Venizia IV
mixed media on canvas

Verity Roberts - Summer Skies over Venice
mixed media on canvas

Kirsten Hilliard - Ratdog Hill
oil, acrylic and ink (50 x 70 cm)

Kirsten Hilliard - Outlook 1
oil, acrylic and ink (40 x 40 cm)

Wanderings 1st-12th june 2010
Kristen Lethem worked as an illustrator in London for 14 years before returning to Sydney where she now lives and paints in Balmain. Kristen’s paintings are primarily inspired by the the landscapes in and around her family home in the Hunter Valley. ‘After so many years in the UK, I was struck by the harshness of light resulting in almost bleached flat colour, with very dark areas of contrast. Solitary gums casting strange shapes on bleached hillsides.’ Kristen was awarded the UNSW COFA prize at the 2009 Paddington Art Prize

Verity Roberts’ paintings reflect her passion for life. With a background in art direction and set decoration, she is an expert of beautiful detail. Observations of daily life and the interiors where much of it takes place are an intrinsic part of her painting. Each piece reflecting an intimate moment in time: a scent, a meal, a place, a memory. Many of Verity’s more recent works have focused on her passion of travel. For an exhibition at Breathing Colours last year, she created a series of ‘postcards’ from around the world. The pieces she has created for ‘Wanderings’ are a continuation of that body of work but this time she has cast a smaller net and is focusing simply on her love of Venice.
Kirsten Hilliard is a Glebe based artist with a background in Art Direction and Graphic Design. Her paintings are based upon the ordinary aspects of life, and often engage the viewer to feel a sense of nostalgia. Kirsten’s palette ranges from very minimal and whimsical to bold and moody, depending on the narrative of the painting. She draws or uses scraffito technique to create her images, often using many layers of paint over a textured base. This is what gives the paintings their translucent feel.

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