Wednesday, August 18, 2010

EYES: a window to the soul, 10th to 21st August

This exhibition is a collaboration between seven artists: Vivienne Mewings, Jacky Lawes, Andrea Williams, Louise Smith, Lisa Lynton-Frost, Barbara Wade and Julianne Ross Allcorn. EYES: a window to the soul is on display at breathing colours gallery from Tue 10th to Sat 21st August (10am to 6pm Tue to Sat).

This project was initiated by a small group of artists inspired to pay respect to the work of classical masters. Focusing on small sections of familiar paintings, these artists have created their own studied details from each artwork. By closing in on the particular area of the eyes, the question is posed, whose eyes are we now looking through? The eyes of the artist? The eyes of the subject? Or simply our own eyes, those of the viewer?

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