Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Current Exhibition 3˚ from 9 to 20 September 2009

Work by Rachel Wells, Verity Roberts and Maryanne Parry

Rachel Wells is a Sydney based mixed media artist who works predominantly with encaustic (wax) and oil mediums. Her processes involve etching into the surface of the wax and applying paint in layers upon it. Rachel’s current work focuses on the built environment. She is fascinated by European, American and Australian architecture and an (architect) father obsessed with taking photos of buildings.

Verity Roberts’ recent series of work is inspired by her passion for travel. These “postcards” are painted in mixed media and contain acrylics, ink, shellac, bitumen, graphite, oil pastels and acetates. Verity has also used encaustic (beeswax) which helps suggest the passage of time.
This series represents the artist’s interpretation and reflection on these landscapes which she has passed through and over – the delicacy and oftentimes brutality which is reflected therein.

MaryAnne Parry is inspired by a constant fascination with the world we live in. The variety of environments and cultures, the miracle of growth, and the opposing nobility and folly of humanity, never cease to amaze her. Both the landscape of Africa, where she was born, and Australia, where she now lives, are evident in the burnt and intense colour featured throughout many of her paintings.

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