Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Current Exhibition "Whim Wish Itch" By Loren Keir and Roxanne Lillis, 21st October to 1st November

For their second collaborative exhibition at Breathing Colours Gallery, Loren Keir and Roxanne Lillis explore the whimsical, fantastical world of the artist's imagination. Both artists have been working intuitively on their respective bodies of work and have allowed the art to take them on a journey rather than the other way around.

Roxanne Lillis body of work has emerged through a linear process of exploration. The series began with three elfish figures in white dresses. After contemplating the story surrounding them, she placed these figures into their own personal narratives. They appeared wandering the fantastical streets of the artist’s abstracted cities and towns. Through the painting of these works, a new theme developed when a bright red balloon emerged in the landscape thus beginning a third series. The resulting paintings are whimsical and peaceful. As in all of Roxanne Lillis’s paintings there is a very still contemplative feel to the work.

Loren Keir approached her work from a slightly different standpoint. Beginning with paint, a palette knife and paper, she simply began to work. Letting her intuition guide her, she scratched into the paint, drew over sections, ripped pieces apart, glued them back together and worked back over it with her palette knife. From this process she created a series of small intimate abstract paintings which then became inspiration for her jewellery. Her series of brooches and rings mirror the beauty of working in metal. Although finished jewellery products are usually clean, shiny and smooth, the method of making jewellery couldn’t be more different. Loren has captured the rough, raw beauty of the metal working process.

Roxanne Lillis began her studies at the Julian Ashton Art School in 1993 and achieved her Bachelor of Creative Arts from the University of Wollongong in 1999. She has exhibited regularly around New South Wales throughout the last 15 years.

Loren Keir graduated with honours from the jewellery and object department of Sydney College of the Arts. She has exhibited widely in Sydney and New South Wales and is part of the artist collective Makers Manifold.

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