Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Current Exhibition: Requiem Wanderer by Nivelo

Requiem Wanderer is on show from 31 March to 18 April at
Breathing Colours Gallery

Requiem Wanderer explores the abandoned architecture built both below and above street level including quarries, catacombs, powerstations, bunkers, and theatres. This collection spans nine years of photography around the world with a sturdy camera in hand at each and every opportunity.

A location in jeopardy is what drives and captures the imagination of this photographic journal.

Submerse yourself in the catacombs under Paris where the French resistance fought.

Explore a theme park in New Orleans abandoned after Hurricane Katrina.

Or meander through the remnants of the BHP steelworks in Newcastle.

It is within the small time frame of dereliction these photos are captured. They were taken mainly at night with natural moonlight or various lighting techniques to create a unique atmosphere.

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