Thursday, July 7, 2011

Featured Artist: Shimara Carlow

Scottish maker, Shimara Carlow, creates intricate silver and gold jewellery pieces, with a natural style.  It’s no wonder her inspiration stems from seed pods, flowers and bird’s nests – allowing her work to inherit a raw and organic aesthetic. Shimara kindly took the time to answer a few questions, giving us a small peek into her background in jewellery, her studiospace and of course what’s next for Shimara and her jewellery! 

What attracted you/got you started making jewellery?

When I was living in Scotland a child my farther was a jeweller, making etched Celtic brass jewellery for the tourist trade. I used to go help in the workshop and go to craft fairs with him for pocket money, although now I think about it I am not sure how much help I was!

What inspires you?

My work is predominantly inspired by nature, as luck would have it Gum Nuts are a big source of inspiration, along with other seed pods, flowers, birds nests and found objects.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I guess natural, tactile and earthy, yet still practical, wearable and beautiful.

Tell us a bit about your studio space…

I have an amazing studio in the grounds of Abbotsford Convent by The River Yarra in Melbourne. It is an old converted laundry building, with lots of space and natural light, not always the neatest studio, but organised chaos has always been my work ethos!

What was the first piece of jewellery you ever made?

Although I had made a few pieces in my dad’s workshop, this was the first thing I ever made at University. A pair of silver earrings set with lapis, probably for my mum, I don’t think she wore them!

What’s next for Shimara?
We have an open studio here in Melbourne on the 20th of August, always a lovely opportunity to meet clients face to face, and for them to see where and how the work is made.
I have a trip to London for an international Trade show at the start of September, which will be great for contacts, and hopefully business.
And then I imagine the Christmas rush will be in full swing, and it will be total chaos until the 24th of December! Every year I try to be more organised, and every year I fail miserably!

Thanks Shimara
*All images courtesy of Shimara Carlow

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