Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Featured Artist: Szilvia Gyorgy

Szilvia Gyorgy never stops surprising us here at Breathing Colours. Her continual innovative use of materials, along with her amazing techincal skills, create some extremely unique and beautiful works. We hope you enjoy our interview with Szilvia; good luck not being jealous of her stunning ceramics studio and it's surroungings!

What attracted you/got you started on your artistic path?

It seemed easier to communicate through expressing myself visually rather than verbally.

What inspires you?

Almost everything around me, both beautiful and ugly things.

How would you describe your aesthetic, as it varies from your jewellery to ceramics?

That is a good question. Firstly I try to reflect on things I experienced or observed, then I think about what materials would be ideal for it and how it could fit a function. They are both explorations through materials. Ceramics is more of an adventure about the interaction between people and how they use space around them, jewellery is more about people in their very immediate personal space. The aesthetic follows. 

What inspires your choice of materials when making jewellery?

I have been taken away by the qualities of metal like silver, stainless steel, brass, however we are surrounded by so many natural (gum nuts) and man made materials (all plastics have some interesting qualities) and most have something to offer.

Tell us a bit about your studio space...

I make my ceramics at Newington Armory, I have 2 kilns, a wheel and a huge space that is shared with artists of all disciplines, it is great that there is always a chance that one meets someone special.

My jewellery studio can almost be anywhere. I have been very conscious in keeping the tool box small. I have a beautiful big table at home, but I tend to take my basic tools anywhere I go. They were in danger in a London airport recently thanks to some really strict rules about weight restrictions in check-in luggage.

If you could peek inside the studio of any artist, designer or craftsmen (alive or dead) who would it be?

 Picasso's would be nice to look at.

What is next for Szilvia Gyorgy and her work?

I am experimenting with colours these days with both ceramics and jewellery. Lots of ideas floating around and the studios are full with pieces half finished, I am very curious to see what will leave the studio at the end.

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