Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Current Exhibition: "Entwined" 10th - 21st February

Kate Williams

Sue Roberts

Ingrid van der Aa

Kate Williams, Ingrid van der Aa and Sue Roberts present an exhibition of their recent work at Breathing Colours Gallery.

Ingrid Van der Aa’s latest work consists of paintings influenced by her time living on the NSW Central Coast, where she was inspired by the beauty of the native palm trees and the Australian bush. Originally from the Netherlands, Australian nature in relation to European nature is what fascinates Van der Aa. The questions where do I belong, where are my roots and can I make new roots are all parallel to the theme of the trees. Essential to this work is the material used and the gestural way the theme is explored.

Kate Williams begins her work by laying down a ground of ink, bleach and water in random fashion. These underlying marks are unstructured, uncontrolled by the artist. However the subsequent markings are deliberate: an airbrush is used to move fine lines of ink around the work – intricate webs of drawing that interact with the “natural” beneath. But although these man-made marks strive for control, they, too, often take unexpected turns. Kate’s explorations are always focused on the material aspect of painting in revealing that the surface is of utmost importance to the final work.

Sue Roberts sculptures are based on the skeletal form. She finds inspiration in the underlying simple geometry of an object, the internal composition and structure. Beginning from the core of the subject, all else radiates out into the finished form. Based on drawings in clay and line, initial explorations and reference materials eventually transform into the final works. Dealing with the theme of entrapment, Sue seeks to describe her surroundings with the idea that everything around us is encompassed or contained by something else and we need to peel back the layers to reveal the true identity of the subject.

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