Thursday, June 16, 2011

Featured Artist: Katie Jacobs

What started you working as a ceramicist?

I had a fun teacher in high school, and we went on a ceramics camp to Torquay and fired sculptures we had made from ceramic in a rubbish bin a caveman I am fascinated by fire. 

Where does your inspiration come from?

Anywhere. Reading about the adventures of Shackleton, watching ads for lady razors, Arts Project Australia (where I work), New Zealand pop music, travel, friends, family, monkeys... 

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Pop, bright, shiny, fun.

Tell us a bit about your studio. Do you work alone? Share your space?

At the moment I work at Northcote Pottery, which has great light and lots of people going through the space for classes, kiln firing and supplies, giving the space a good creative flow! I have wallpapered the door and made a small arrangement in the window looking in. It is tiny though, I need more room!!

As a ceramicist do you have a favourite mug you have you sip your morning tea/coffee out of?

I wish I did. I feel somewhat ashamed to tell you the truth! 

 What’s next for Katie Jacobs? Travel? New work? Inspirations? Etc…

I am relocating to the US to study my Masters in Ceramics at Indiana University, working as a technician/Graduate Assistant in the studio. I can't wait!! I plan to come back in 3 years with renewed energy, fresh ideas and hopefully the words to prove it! 

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