Thursday, June 2, 2011

Featured Artist: Mainichi

Every week the B.C. blog will be presenting a featured artist, with  interviews, photos and insight into the makers behind the pieces we have in-store and what better way to get the blog-ball rolling, than with the amazing jewellery by Mainichi... Enjoy!

What attracted you/got you started in jewellery making?

At the time I started Mainichi (2004) I was busy primarily establishing my Interior Design practice here in Melbourne (Dearne Herrenberg Interiors). I wanted an outlet for some immediate creative satisfaction, something small which I could design and produce with my own hands in a relatively short period of time. Interior design tends to be a long, drawn out process, with alot of deadlines before any actual built works emerge, so the satisfaction of seeing your own ideas come to fruition can happen quite some time after actually generating those ideas.

With jewellery making it was quick to do, I had materials and equipment at hand that I could use, and I could do it after working hours, as a way to have some down time. It was also an escape from the computer and technology that I was using in my day to day design work.

What inspired your collection?

Initially a holiday in Japan got me inspired to start playing around with some materials I had purchased in Tokyo and Kyoto, and I had some designs in my mind for necklaces which really worked with the materials I brought back. Essentially, what underscores the whole philosophy of Mainichi is the materials - they are the real inspiration for the designs I produce.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I would say colourful, playful, graphic, feminine, fun, simple yet many-layered.

Tell us a bit about your studio space...

I work from a home based studio in East St Kilda. Initially it was designed by me and built to accommodate my Interior Design business, and it's accompanying large library of reference material. Slowly since my son was born in 2007, it has been taken over by Mainichi. I share the space with our kitchen, dining, and my son's play area.  So it really is a multipurpose space. My studio takes up one long wall in the space, and consists of a long work bench, storage cupboards over, and a cabinet where all my printers and jewellery/craft materials are stored. Of course it can never be big enough!!

What’s next for Mainichi?

Becoming a Mum in 2007 gave me the incentive to focus more on Mainichi and less on my Interior design business, as it was easier to juggle with being a full time parent. Finally after almost 4 years I believe Mainichi is establishing a real niche and, I hope, a following. After the birth of my second child, which is imminent, I will be taking a short break from making; until I work out the logistics of managing Mainichi and two children! But I intend to return later in the year, full steam ahead, and perhaps with some new, fresh designs and ideas. I still have a long list of materials and making techniques that I want to explore and experiment with. And I'd like to work towards another exhibition of more experimental and sculptural designs, somewhere in the near future, similar to the window exhibition I produced for Craft Victoria last year (A Tale of Fish & Wood).

Hope you enjoyed our first featured artist, be sure to come in-store and check out Mainichi's fabulous range. Next week we'll be interviewing Breathing Colours' very own resident jeweller Olenka about her exciting new range Arabeske!