Thursday, August 18, 2011

Featured Artist: Ashley Fiona

Ashley Fiona creates small and tactile pieces. Her work is very utilitarian, however this does not override the real sense of character and quirky charm a lot of Ashley's work inherits, a real favourite here at Breathing Colours!   

What started you working as a ceramicist?

The affair started in my first year at uni in 2006, where beginners (including myself) were asking me for advice on clay making skills and techniques... I couldn't answer them at first (I had to ask myself why they were asking me!). There was something more to this seductive material that I had to know more about myself... The discovery continues - Which is part of the beauty of the medium, the potential for discovery is limitless.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My memories and my environment.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

Precious keep-safes with a quirky twist.

Tell us a bit about your studio. Do you work alone? Share your space?

My current studio is my lounge room coffee table! My house mates share the space... Does that count?

 As a ceramicist do you have a favourite mug you have you sip your morning tea/coffee out of?
Yes, most definately! I eat and drink almost always from my hand-made collection, it makes whatever you are eating/drinking so much more enjoyable. Hand-made food out of a hand-made bowl, life's simplicities make me smile. For tea I love to drink out of my Sandy Lockwood salt-fired mug and for coffee nothing beats my large porcelain mug by Rosa Chan.

I know that ceramics isn’t your only creative outlet, can you fill us in on your 52 weeks project?

52weeks2011 is a photographic project Vicki Grima and myself are currently working on. We (or you, if you have a suggestion, we welcome suggestions!) set a theme for each week and take seven photos based on that theme. It keeps us busy workers creative on a manageable level... And very much on our toes work-wise. It's an enjoyable creative tangent in contrast to my clay making, it also inspires my ceramics, they compliment one another.

 What’s next for Ashley Fiona? Travel? New work? Inspirations?

 Ideally travel... But that will have to wait for now as new work is being made (yes, in my lounge room on my coffee table) for an exhibition at the end of the yearn titled The Narrative Knot at Manly Art Gallery (December 2011 to January2012). Currently, I have an exhibition of my entire Honours work from 2010 at Hawkesbury Regional Art Gallery titled Human Condition which continues to 21 August. This year is shaping up to be busy and busier... Which is always a good thing for an artist!

Be sure to come in and check out her new pieces (a few pictured above) here at Breathing Colours as well as her blog 52weeks2011 and be sure to have a look our suggestion, 'texture'.

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