Thursday, August 11, 2011

Featured Artist: Roxanne Lillis

Roxanne Lillis is a much loved artist here at Breathing Colours. She creates subtle paintings, using a 'soft' pallette of colours and when viewed, her work produces a very strong presence. Roxanne's paintings range from landscapes to figutrative and may vary in 'genre', but they all inherit one thing - Roxanne's very distinct style.  

What attracted you/got you started painting?

Picture books, sketching books, colouring pencils, art in galleries and books, and the smell of oil paints….. 

What is your first painting memory? Was it something you painted; a painting that inspired you?

My first painting memory, other than pictures in books and in galleries was being given permission to have free rein with my bedroom walls. I painted huge murals from ceiling to floor.

What inspires you?

The world around me: Colours, shapes, composition. Art books, journals, galleries, Reading art theory and history, Travel, Art mediums, Music, Teaching senior students, family. Everything revolves around or has some connection to my painting.

What is your favourite colour pallet at the moment?

At the moment and usually, it is high key, I use a limited pallet to mix a wide range of hues. They are usual subtle. I enjoy working into wet paint for a tactile finish or working over dry using different glazes.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

I work in oils, using the formal conventions of painting within the still life, landscape and figurative genre. However,  I endeavour to maintain a conceptual undercurrent/dimension. At the moment this focuses on the poetics of place and belonging and the tension between belonging and isolation. My works are usually semi abstract in style.

Tell us a bit about your studio space...

My studio place is an open loft in my home. It is full of art books, journals and different materials and medium. It is warm and convenient as I enjoy the connection and noises of family while I work. Alternatively, when family are not around I listen to music. My house is on 6 acres of virgin bushland and the scenes from the windows can create a quiet and contemplative atmosphere that is also conducive to painting.

Any chance we can get a sneak peak of your work for the upcoming
exhibition with Loren Keir?

Be sure to check out Roxanne Lillis' and Loren Keir's exhibition 'Tied and Bound' 16th - 27th August. The offical opening to be held on Saturday the 20th of August, 4 - 6pm!

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  1. I have studio envy!!! What a space! I would love to work in that loft too! xx