Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Phase - Jennifer Pombart

Jennifer Pombart's exhibition of highly decorative, colourful, engaging paintings met great success in the enjoyment and response of those who attended.  By the end of the afternoon, five paintings and several prints had been sold; exemplifying the intrinsic draw and beauty of the works exhibited.

The series exemplifies what the artist calls her love of colour and facination with pattern. While taking photos of the occasion we found ourselves many times drawn to the beautiful hues and tonal quality of the paint and methods.

A detail of one of the larger paintings. Acrylic on Paper.

The above is an example of Pombart's highly effective technique. No colour is muddied, each is independant and vibrant yet works within the whole. Of course like all artists, expecially with those working with the abstract forms of colour and texture, Pombart's art has seen a multitude of changes in techniques and materials. One patron who attended the opening, imparted her own experience with the evolution of Pombart's work. This lady said owns a work which the artist produced in the '90s which was large scale canvas work, strictly in oils. The artist worked with large brushes, pushing and pulling the thick paint into wild and expressive positions. As always, it is facinating to hear stories first hand, especially from someone who collects the work of a particular artist, about the transitions and leaps in artistic methodology. And wonderful to meet those who have consistantly support an artist during their career.
The artist with one of her works, at the opening for In Phase.
We at Breathing Colours would like to kindly thank Jennifer and family for their vibrant and involved presence, which made the event a true pleasure to be a part of for all of us.
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In Phase runs from the 6th - 18th of March, be sure to pop by and visit before it ends this sunday!

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