Thursday, April 26, 2012

Winter Creative Workshop for Kids - Call for submissions

I'd like to invite your proposal to facilitate a workshop as part of Breathing Colour's inaugural

"Winter Creative Workshop Festival for Kids". The workshops will take place 10th-15th July 2012
which is the second week of the winter public school holidays. I'm hoping to provide as diverse
a range of activities as possible, delivered by people willing to promote their artistic practice in
a fun and accessible way to youngster's and their parents.
When considering submitting a proposal for a workshop please consider the following 9 points:

1. Please keep projects non gender specific.

2. Children's parents will be in attendance. You are not expected to be responsible for other peoples' kids!

3. The cost of the workshop should be around $20 per child. It is up to you to work out a specific price
according to the materials required, but please keep in mind that this festival aims to operate sustainably
and the materials used in workshops should reflect this.

4. From each workshop you facilitate you will receive 70% of the overall sum paid and Breathing Colours
will take the remaining 30% as an administration fee. This administration fee contributes to the rental cost
of the gallery space. In this sense the festival is "not-for-profit" on the gallery's end, but workshop
facilitators will be remunerated according to the amount of attendees their workshop attracts.

5. Initially, the maximum number of people per workshop is 10-12 kids. When sending us your proposal
please specify if the maximum number of kids should be less than this.

6. Please note that children have short attention spans and the workshops should not last for longer
than 2 hours.

7. You can propose to facilitate more than one workshop.

8. Workshops are not purely limited to art and craft activities think outside the square!

9. What is the minimum age at which kids might be able to participate? You will need to let us know.

Proposals must include:

1. A brief outline/description of the workshop.
2. An indication of age range (as broad as
possible is good, but the work must be
3. Image/s of piece/pieces that will be created.
4. A brief account of any experience you
have working with kids.

The deadline for proposals is close of day,
Friday 11th May.

I hope to receive a proposal from you soon to: