Friday, September 17, 2010

Glass Artist Katherine Lys

Katherine Lys is a glass artist originally from Calgary, Canada, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in glass. She is currently living and working in Perth. Lys has been the recipient of several awards and exhibits regionally and nationally. Her focus is blown glass, but she also works with glass fusing and slumping, as well as woodcarving and life drawing.
Katherine's work centers around juxtaposition - how one colour lays against another, or how two materials highlight each other's qualities.  However, she is more interested in the subtle discrepencies rather than stark contrast - asking what makes us the same, rather than what makes us different? 
Katherine is currently working with Anne Clifton who's exhibition we have on display until the 18th of September. If you flick back to the earlier post on 'how to make a furnace' you will see both Anne and Katherine working their magic with glass.

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