Friday, September 10, 2010

“New Chevron: Bead Objects of Desire” A collectable contemporary look at an ancient tradition of glassmaking by Anne Clifton

“New Chevron: Bead Objects of Desire” A collectable contemporary look at an ancient tradition of glassmaking. On show at Breathing Colours Gallery from Tuesday 7th until Sat 18th September.

Making glass beads has become a very popular hobby throughout Australia. With numerous classes and workshops on making your own glass beads, it is no surprise we see so many of them throughout shops, galleries and market stalls. With such a flooded market however, the term glass bead can conjure up some unfortunate images.

Anne Clifton has this same passion for making beads but unlike many of the others, she is a glassmaker by profession. These are glass beads unlike any you’ve seen before. With such amazing colours, patterns and exquisite workmanship, these are beautiful objects in their own right without any need to be attached to a necklace. Each piece is very carefully finished to the highest standard with every edge smoothed and every side polished. They feel like little treasures when you hold them in your hand.

“I do have a fascination with beads: seashells with holes in them, limestone with holes in it, driftwood with holes in it, tools, cans, really anything with a hole in it is a bead to me.
I think this stems from an overly abundant childhood full of frustrations. Wanting to create but not having the technology to do ANYTHING. So basically things with holes became my doorway to art”

Anne was born in the South West Tall Timbers country of Western Australia. At the age of four, her family moved to the US as her parents thought it “the best place for educating girls.” Here Anne spent the long summer holidays traipsing around the continent. History, Geography, and Sociology were constant topics and every roadside marker had its relevance to The Education. As a result Anne’s constant source of interest and amusement was more knowledge. Upon their return to Australia, Anne’s thirsty mind naturally turned to the arts, here she was able to play at processes, techniques of expression and heavy machinery.

Many years later finally hot glass has stopped this dilettante –ism. That, and a partner who knows more about something than she does. The result is Glass Manifesto, the studio and gallery Anne established in 2003 with her partner Peter Bowles. Check out their website for more examples of Anne and Peter’s work.

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