Friday, September 10, 2010

New jewellery By Mollusc Designs

We have just displayed exciting new jewellery by Mollusc Design! this is a small sample of the extensive collection of rings, bangles and earrings we have in the gallery.

'Mollusc Design' is union, concept, and vision of 2 artists/designers based in Sydney, Australia: Scott Symington and Voola Taka-Symington.

Our work merges qualified study (Cert. Dip. Bachelor Fine-art, Graphic Design, Jewellery making) with different cultural influences, travel, life experiences, and a shared lifetime passion to connect through use of the eye/hand/soul.

Beauty can be found everywhere, and this is where we seek it, painstakingly sourcing inspiration and materials, striving to create unique designs,with the inventive use of resin, precious and semi precious stones and metals, recycled and found objects.

All pieces are high quality, handmade originals. Limited reproduction is possible only where materials allow. Custom ordering is a welcomed challenge.

'Mollusc Design' is about creating, exploring, experimenting, erring, learning and growing.

'Mollusc Design is the love of art and life in all its forms and glory.

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